I discovered Pilates during rehab following a climbing injury. Unsatisfied with my progress using traditional means, I took a lesson with a good Pilates teacher. At the end of the hour I knew that this was the road to recovery for me. That was twelve years ago. Since then Pilates has been a fundamental part of my life, and in 2009 I completed the task of becoming a certified teacher.



Make Pilates your secret weapon

Joseph Pilates developed a powerful training method based on the principles that all movement comes from the center of the body, and that quality movement comes with a strong connection of the mind and  the body. Pilates builds functional strength, and teaches us to control our movement and balance. Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time, his ideas were revolutionary. Today, thanks to generations of teachers carrying on his work, more and more people are benefiting from the Pilates Method.

“Isn’t that like Yoga?”

“I thought that was really for women…”

Early in life Pilates was a professional boxer. As he developed his work, he studied many disciplines including Yoga and martial arts. Yoga and Pilates are very complimentary, but if you practice Pilates you will see that it is not Yoga, and it is certainly not just for women.

Elite athletes and dancers have included Pilates in their training regimen for decades. Swimmer Natalie Coughlin, NHL star Alexander Ovechkin, NBA star Jason Kidd, Pitcher Curt Schilling, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, golfer Tiger Woods, and fifteen year New England Patriot safety Rodney Harrison all practice Pilates. Renowned NFL trainer Tom Shaw is a Pilates advocate.

George Balanchine sent the dancers from the world renowned New York City Ballet to work with Joseph Pilates.



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