I am a seasoned performer and a comfortable public speaker. I enjoy giving presentations, usually in the form of a narrative and slide show followed by an open Q & A session. I tailor my presentations specifically to the interests and needs of a particular group or audience.

I am an optimist by nature. Forty years of hardcore climbing, rewarding careers in music and recording, my life changing battle with epilepsy, and my commitment to Pilates are all part of my positive message.

My goal is to motivate people to get out and play at life, to exercise, and to be fitter and happier. Teamwork is also essential to success in work and sports so it is a big focus for me.

My recent presentations include a program detailing some of my climbing adventures for the Southern California Mountaineering Association, a fund-raiser at The Stronghold Climbing Gym for Los Angeles Wilderness Training, and a program for an annual meeting of the Orange County Cub Scout Dens focusing on core values; trust, helpfulness and bravery. It was quite an experience holding the attention of several hundred 5-10 year old boys!

The following poster lists a series of slide show/book signing events I did in 2017 to support the release of my new Needles Climbing Guide.

The Rock, Ice & Mountain Club
Planet Granite Climbing/Yoga/Fitness
Berkely Ironworks,
Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness Co-Working Center,

If you have looked through this website and think that I have unique knowledge, experience and ideas to share with the people you play, train, or work with please contact me to get the conversation started.