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…will add a whole new dimension to your body weight and core strength workouts. This is a great company making very high quality equipment. You can set up your TRX trainer just about anywhere you happen to be. The equipment is light and fits in a small stuff sack, but this gear is rugged and the workouts are heavy duty. TRX has spent a great deal of time and effort developing targeted specific exercise programs and their excellent routines are available as “TRX TV” or on DVD.

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Looking for some inspiration, a new view of what is possible?

Don McGrath – a lifelong athlete as a nationally competitive runner and as a climber – has written a valuable book here. He has obviously thought long and hard about his topic, and he offers some interesting new outlooks for those of us who just don’t want to “grow up.” His subjects are each remarkable individuals, and his interviews are incisive. But what really spoke to me were the conclusions he was able to draw from this diverse group of people. I highly recommend that anyone over about 30 read this book. It’s not just for old folks.