The backbone of California is a wonderful mountain range called The Sierra Nevada, The Range of Light. Two great National Parks lie within this range: Yosemite, and Sequoia and Kings Canyon. For a distance of nearly 200 miles, from Sherman Pass in the south to Highway 120 in Yosemite, no roads cross the range. California has 15 summits above 14,000 feet, 13 of them are within this stretch of the Sierra.

Unlike many of the worlds great ranges, the Sierra has relatively benevolent weather. Of course there is cold and snow, and serious storms do come through. Still, this range is known for favorable conditions. I’ll begin this set of images and captions with some photos from the Royce Lake area, a favorite place of mine I visit as often as I can.




Following are some pictures taken during various adventures in the Mount Whitney area. Many of these pictures are unique images of rarely seen places, but on these adventure trips the photography was secondary to success. In many cases I simply took a single use camera, in others the camera belonged to a partner. So I hope you enjoy the images, despite the rough edges in some cases…