New bolts and anchors at The Needles:

For information about Needles area bolt replacement going back 15 years, see: ASCA

Also be sure to check the COMMENTS on the Needles Climbing Updates front page

Recent updates:

The Needles:

  • Duty Now for the Future – all new bolts. Thanks Hayden Miller! Another mega classic restored.
  • Davy Jones Locker – Anchor beefed up (see comments)
  • Don Juan Wall – new belay anchors
  • Dulldrills – new bolts
  • Liquid Sky – new bolts
  • Lumpy The Fish – new bolts
  • Planet Waves – new P1 anchor / P2 bolts
  • Silver Threads – New anchor bolts. Visiting climber Bernd Zeugswetter did the deed. Thanks Bernd!
  • Spontaneous Combustion – One new bolt added to anchor
  • Sea of Tranquility – new bolts
  • Shadows in The Rain – new bolts
  • Duty Now For The Future – new bolts
  • The Prescription has new bolts
  • Gorilla warfare has a new anchor. Both thanks to Adam Torres.

Before and after:

Dome Rock:

  • Carson-Ogenic – new P1 bolts & anchor
  • Pipe Dreams – new P1 bolts & anchor
  • Red Mushrooms – new P1 bolts & anchor
  • Saucer Full of Secrets – new P1 bolts & anchor
  • Tree Route – new P3 anchor


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