As I mentioned in my previous entry, Max came to us with a broken hip. He needed surgery, a hip replacement actually. I asked the vet if he’d been hit by a car, he said no, it’s a point of impact injury, as stick or a bat or something along those lines. I can’t believe there are people in this world that can abuse an animal like that. For about the first year he didn’t like people with sticks. He’s over it now.

His hip came out beautifully. I love our vet. He’s a top notch surgeon, and great at all the other stuff too, and the office is so animal friendly hat Max actually like going there. When I turn on a certain street he knows were headed to see Dr. White and he gets all excited.

Here he is looking all manly at the beach…There’s a lizard in that crack and I want it.      (Alabama Hills, California)

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